Income Tax Reform

  • Lowered income tax rates for many Rhode Islanders.
  • Eliminated the flat tax for the highest earners to help attract new business.
  • Estimated savings for RI taxpayers next year: more than $4 million.

School Funding Formula

  • Supported the school funding formula providing Pawtucket with approximately $7 million in additional funding.

Aid to Small Businesses

  • Supported legislation that eases and expedites the permit and licensing process for businesses.
  • Required Economic Development Corporation to hold four seats on its board for small businesses.

Revitalize Downtown Pawtucket

  • Many buildings in our city remain unoccupied. By providing tax incentives, we can attract  new businesses, fill these empty buildings and get people working again.

Clean & Renewable Energy

  • I will continue to advocate for legistlation that encourages the development of renewable energy projects and creates jobs in the green sector.

Ethics Reform

  • I will continue to work for stricter oversight so legislators are subject to the Ethics Commission, ensuring those who represent us at the State House have our best interests in mind.